World Series Game 2 VIP Experience

10/26   Ben E. / Can Wert, OH


Ben E. used a slew of Indians players to punch his ticket to the World Series back in August. He was ecstatic once the Indians clinched a berth in the World Series since he knew he would be seeing his hometown team play! Ben was able to drive in and was able to enjoy Game 2 of the World Series with his wife Katie.

Q Give us a play-by-play of your experience? Did you travel from far? What was your favorite part of your experience?

AWe were actually able to drive to the event since we live in Ohio. My favorite part was being at the ballpark since I have been a fan of the Indians my entire life.

Q Who did you bring with you on your experience?

A My wife Katie.

Q Tell us about your winning contest "sweat". What qualifier did you enter (e.g. $3 PGA Qualifier)? Who was in your winning lineup?

A I entered a lot of Cleveland players ironically and they beat the Angels by 14 runs. Luckily all my guys either stole bases or hit a home run. My contest too a long time since there was a game in Texas that was on like a three hour rain delay. Was up until about 3:00 am and had a two year old up at 6:00 that next day but all worth it!

Q Favorite sports team? How long have you been a fan of this team? Favorite team moment?

A Cleveland Indians and have been a fan of all Cleveland sports my entire life. Favorite moment was the Cavs championship but that may be topped in about a week if the Indians can pull his off.

Q Favorite sports movie?

A Major League.

Q Favorite fantasy sport on DraftKings?

A Basketball.

Q What else is on your sports bucket list?

A NBA finals and Super Bowl.

Q What do you love most about DraftKings?

A Everyday is interesting and keeps you engaged.

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