2016 NHL Awards VIP Experience

6/22   Lewis K. / Red Deer, Alberta, Canada


Lewis, a lifelong Flames fan, was ecstatic when he won a contest that would bring him to the NHL Awards in Las Vegas. He quickly realized his first born child was expected two days before the experience, lucky enough she came 10 days early. With his wife’s blessing he accepted the once in a life time trip and the opportunity to hang out with a bunch of NHL All-Stars.

Q Give us a play-by-play of your experience? Did you travel from far? What was your favorite part of your experience?

ABoth Ian and I live in Alberta Canada, thus we ended up flying down on the Monday, June 20th and flying home on the Friday June 24th and spent a couple extra days in Las Vegas. It is pretty hard to choose a specific part of the experience and say it was our favorite.

The Encore hotel is amazing, and one of the nicest hotels I have ever stayed in. Walking down the red carpet at the event was really cool and made a person feel like a celebrity. The pre and post cocktail parties were a great way to see some of the hockey players, etc that were involved in the evenings events. The seats we had for the awards themselves were awesome.

We were right in the middle of the players, managers, etc. Shaking hands and talking with the likes of John Tavares, George Parros, Bob McKenzie, Bob Nicholson, Brent Burns, Erik Karlsson and Brian Burke just to name a few was awesome. And all of them took the time to strike up a conversation and made a person feel like they belonged to be there.

Q Who did you bring with you on your experience?

A Ian Harrison, longtime friend

Q Tell us about your winning contest "sweat". What qualifier did you enter (e.g. $3 PGA Qualifier)? Who was in your winning lineup?

A I won the contest by entering a free DraftKings contest that was advertised on an email I received late in the year from the Calgary Flames. I was actually working in Northern Alberta when I received the email, so that night I reviewed the upcoming games and chose my team.

Although I am a huge Calgary Flames fan, when I reviewed all the games on the scheduled for that night, the Edmonton Oilers vs Vancouver Canucks game looked like the best one to go with for a number of different reasons. Edmonton had just been beaten bad by the Flames on Saturday night (I believe the score was 5-0) and they were playing their last home game ever at Rexall Place before moving into their new arena at the start of the 2016-17 season.

Based on this, I thought they would be ready to play for that game and they won the game easily 6-2. I think a late power play goal by Leon Draisaitl helped me take the lead although the game was already out of reach for the Canucks by that point in the game.

Q Where were you when you won? How did you celebrate? Fist pump like Tiger? Riverdance like Chad Ochocinco? “Ride the Bull” like Happy Gilmore?

A I was actually back remote work camp that I stay at when I work up north, thus I had to take a screen shot of the standings and send them to my wife, saying that I think I won the contest!!!! I was quick to realize that the date for the Awards would be on June 22nd and my wife and I were expecting our 1st child and her due date was on June 20th!! My wife had a "feeling" that the baby would be early and "Grace" was born on June 10th, thus I was able to go to the awards!

Q Favorite sports team? How long have you been a fan of this team? Favorite team moment?

A I have been a Calgary Flames fan for as long as I can remember.

Q Favorite athlete?

A Gordie Howe...a legend from the past.

Q What is your favorite sports memory?

A The Calgary Flames playoff run in 2004 and attending the Olympics in Vancouver back in 2010.

Q Favorite fantasy sport on DraftKings?

A Hockey/Golf.

Q What else is on your sports bucket list?

A Playing some of the best Golf Courses in the World.

Q What do you love most about DraftKings?

A The ease of entering contests.

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