Colorado Rapids Patio Table Experience

10/1   John F. / Colorado Springs, CO


John F. entered a free contest and came away with an amazing experience for him and his family. After winning he immediately started calling those closest to him to let him know he had won. A Rapids fan since their inception, John was able to meet Sebastian Le Toul and see a Rapids win!

Q Give us a play-by-play of your experience? Did you travel from far? What was your favorite part of your experience?

ATraveled 1 hour and 15 minutes to game, the game of course, but meeting Sebastian Le Toul was definitely a highlight.

Q Who did you bring with you on your experience?

A My son, brother-in-law, and nephew

Q Tell us about your winning contest "sweat". What qualifier did you enter (e.g. $3 PGA Qualifier)? Who was in your winning lineup?

A At game free entry.

Q Where were you when you won? How did you celebrate? Fist pump like Tiger? Riverdance like Chad Ochocinco? “Ride the Bull” like Happy Gilmore?

A At home, couldn't believe it, called everyone I knew would be jealous.

Q Favorite sports team? How long have you been a fan of this team? Favorite team moment?

A The Colorado Rapids, ever since MLS began. Favorite moment was 2010 championship win in OT vs FC Dallas.

Q Favorite athlete?

A From Rapids - Tim Howard.

Q Favorite fantasy sport on DraftKings?


Q What else is on your sports bucket list?

A Super bowl game.

Q What do you love most about DraftKings?

A Many opportunities to win.

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