Denver Broncos VIP Experience

10/30   Tyler E. / Parker, CO


Q Give us a play-by-play of your experience? Did you travel from far? What was your favorite part of your experience?

AAfter a Halloween Saturday we were super lucky that it was an afternoon game. So we took the light rail for about a half hour and got there right in time for the fly over before kickoff. And seeing that defense was amazing in person compared to on TV seeing the whole play develop from above.

Q Who did you bring with you on your experience?

A My wife Jessi and two die hard broncos fans, Hailey and Megan.

Q Tell us about your winning contest "sweat". What qualifier did you enter (e.g. $3 PGA Qualifier)? Who was in your winning lineup?

A I was in the Denver Broncos experience and Rode Drew Bree's and Cameron Meredith to the win.

Q Where were you when you won? How did you celebrate? Fist pump like Tiger? Riverdance like Chad Ochocinco? “Ride the Bull” like Happy Gilmore?

A I was in the middle of work when I got the email from Connor. At first I couldn't believe it, but when I got confirmation, I let out a "WOOOOOO HOOOOO" and proceeded to make everyone at the office jealous.

Q Favorite sports team? How long have you been a fan of this team? Favorite team moment?

A Oddly enough, I'm a NY Giants fan through and through. Born and raised in NY, and my first baby clothes were giants gear. And my biggest moment other than seeing Lawrence Taylor get inducted into the Hall of Fame will forever be Eli Manning escaping a sack for the first, and probably last time heaving the ball up for David Tyree to make the Gotham Grab. Ruined that "perfect" season of those deflators.

Q Favorite athlete?

A Odell Beckham Jr.

Q Favorite sports movie?

A Varsity Blues.

Q Favorite sports memory?

A Personally, winning regionals in AAA hockey. But of all time it was the first time I walked into Meadowlands Stadium for my first NFL game, which happened to be a Giants Jets craziness game.

Q Favorite fantasy sport on DraftKings?

A Football all the way.

Q What else is on your sports bucket list?

A Come hell or high water, I will make it to Bryant Denny Stadium to watch the Tide play lsu or auburn. RTR!.

Q What do you love most about DraftKings?

A Have you ever played poker without real money? That's what regular fantasy football is to me. It's not fun or competitive until you have a chance at winning something. It really gives me a reason to watch every game and create some crazy lineups!

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